main changes:
- Homepage with CDN

Data I collect:

Home page > I don’t record logs. My CDN provider, Cloudflare, can see the traffic and log the data. It depends on their privacy policy.

Searx > no log

Data I share:

(in fact, I have nothing to share now)

I won’t sell your data forever.

Only in one situation, I may share the data with governments or others. You broke the terms of use heavily, and I work with them can prohibit injuries that haven’t occurred. There must be enough reason to believe their request is sincerely and necessary.

I’ll make these requests public. (I haven’t gotten yet)

Terms of use:

Do not hurt anyone for malicious intent.

That’s all.

Please understand, ZhaoCloud values your data and tries our best to protect your privacy. But in case of attacking, spying and intimidating, I can’t make any promise!